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Well Adjusted Kid...

On my homepage, I have featured my son, Will Miner.  Will grew up living a healthy lifestyle, including periodic chiropractic adjustments.  Despite the photo, he makes smart and logical choices for healthy living and when there is an issue, finds the root cause to fix, not settling for a short term remedy or drug.  Now, if we could only do something about the rock climbing!




SKLZ Ball is a great product for very specific deep muscle massage as well as joint traction.  Perfect for the upper back/neck junction and just above the tail bone in the lower back.  For 20+ years I have told people, "push two tennis balls into a sock, and tie it tight".  That still works very well, but if want more convenience, durability and consistency, buy a SKLZ ball.  See video below for more info....

Difference between Herniated and Bulging Disc

Dr. John Shim's great presentation on what is going on when you have a disc issue.  In the U.A.E. patients are routinely, prematurely referred for MRI's and given the diagnosis "bulging disc" then sent to physio.  Many patients I examine really have little idea of what is actually going on with the disc.  This short presentation should be very educational.

Basic Knee Taping with Rocktape or KT tape

Here is a quick, simple video on how to properly wrap your knee with Rocktape.  Depending on what activities you are involved with and taping for, I would use a little shorter strips and possibly add a strip under the knee cap, over the infrapatellar tendon for more stability. 


Roll Out

Whether its a foam noodle you find at the pool or professional barrel roller like this one by SKLZ, rolling out can be very helpful.  Most effective when used on hamstrings and calves it can also be useful when extending over the roller on the mid back. 

Celebrity Golf 2017

Once again, we will be providing chiropractic, physio care and pilates to the players in the this years, Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe.  As with most years, 80% of the star studded participants utilize our chiropractic care.  Its rewarding to hear their stories of how chiropractic treatment has improved their lives and enhanced their performance as professional athletes from all major sports.

Here is the link:    American Century Celebrity Golf Championship

Hidden Sugars

We all know what foods, snacks and treats have large amounts of sugar...(the ones that generally taste really good!) When we decide to get healthier, lose weight or make sure we are not joining the 25% of UAE residents who have diabetes, we can easily avoid those foods.

It is important to watch for foods which appear "healthy" (like a granola bar, low fat yogurt or a few slices of bread) likely each contain 4, 5 or 6 teaspoons of sugar. But just in those three examples, which would hardly make a dent in your appetite, you would be consuming about 15 teaspoons of sugar and the day is just beginning!

The phenomenon of "hidden sugars" in so many food products is unhealthy and dangerous. It is clearly contributing to the epidemic levels of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Now neuroscientists are finding a connection to Alzheimer's and dementia with this daily overdose of sugar.

The food industry tells us "fats" are the problem and they offer many "low fat" products as a solution. We don't realize the fat is replaced with sugar. Without fat, we don't get full as quickly and we eat more. The accumulation of so much sugar on a daily basis is far more hazardous to our bodies than fat.

Unfortunately, no rules, limits or regulation is coming. The food industry is unlikely to manage themselves with so many hungry customers.

The solution is to be informed and make informed decisions about what you feed yourself and your family. Take a few minutes to read the labels and better yet, understand the label. Realize when a low fat yogurt has 20 grams of sugar per serving, that is the same as dumping 5 teaspoons of sugar on it. Eat more produce and fresh foods. Drink more water instead of soft drinks. If you want to enjoy how great sugar tastes, do it when YOU CHOOSE to eat it and not when it is part of "hidden sugars".