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4th Generation

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Headaches - Migraines
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California & Oregon, USA
Abu Dhabi (DOH) & Dubai (DHA)

4th Generation
American Chiropractor
California/Oregon - Paris, France - U.A.E.

For much of my professional career, I practiced in the states of California and Oregon. After working with my father, grandfather and brother (all chiropractors) in Lake Tahoe, California, I settled in the state of Oregon and started my own clinic.

In my practice, I have treated a wide range of individuals from 6 month old children to entertainment celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes. One thing is always the same, people want effective treatment, to feel better quickly and find long term stability. 

It took time for me to realize the effectiveness of chiropractic care.  Growing up in a chiropractic family, being treated by my father and grandfather, I assumed we were "normal"…rarely getting sick, rarely using medicine, performing well in sports and if we had an injury, we recovered quickly. Now, with two active, athletic college kids, raised the same way, I clearly see the benefits.  Everything comes from the spine. We are “made to move” and chiropractic treatment is a great tool for obtaining and maintaining good health.

Implementing healthy strategies first, including chiropractic care, helps you steer clear of the unintended traps of medicine. Medicine doesn’t make you healthy. At best it makes you less sick. Visiting the chiropractor should almost always be the first place you start. Whether you have pain, a cold, fatigue, not sleeping well or headaches, your chiropractor should see you first. Unfortunately, many people try chiropractic as a "last resort" and then are surprised to find almost immediate change and improvement. More energy, better sleep, stronger immune systems and of course, less pain.

Many problems start with some mechanical spinal dysfunction. This can come from posture, stress, injury or inactivity. Chiropractic treatment repairs those problems. It is far more "logical" than taking pain and anti inflammatory drugs to mask their symptoms and ignoring the source of the problems. Medicine is never a cure for mechanical dysfunction. In the same way a new paint job won’t make your car run better.

An ongoing highlight of my career has been to serve as a chiropractor for NBC Sports Television and the annual "American Century Celebrity Golf Championship tournament". Our on-site clinic provides full chiropractic and physiotherapy care to most of the participants of the event. Participants include celebrities, as well as high level current and former athletes from all major professional sports. There have even been a few Olympic gold medalists that make getting adjusted a big part of their routine to stay healthy, perform better and heal quickly.

If you have questions about whether chiropractic treatment is right for you, send me a note.

Member, American Chiropractic Association

Member, American Chiropractic Association

Member, International Chiropractor Association

Member, International Chiropractor Association