Dr Sean Miner - Chiropractor

There IS a Difference...

4th Generation American Chiropractor.

Specializing in

Headaches, Back, Neck, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain

Licensed with
HAAD (Abu Dhabi), DHA (Dubai)
California and Oregon,  USA

In 2011, I entered the conversation to provide high quality chiropractic care along with a theme of National Service and spirit of "giving back" to our service members injured in the wars of the last 15+ years.  

Chiropractors dedicated to this idea have reached out to those warriors who have not had adequate recovery care via traditional methods or may need longer term treatment to maintain their level of recovery.  Chiropractors are well suited for this and as the network of providers expands, we will undoubtedly deliver significant result to these dedicated individuals and their families.  The number of warriors who will benefit from this mission is staggering and thus the need for a national chiropractic effort is required. 

Networks are available to join now and start making a difference. These networks are a start at helping bridge the expertise and commitment the chiropractic profession offers to the need of under served military service personnel who have dedicated their lives to the United States of America.

-Sean Miner, D.C. 

ICA Cares
Healing Hands 4 Heroes
Wounded Warrior Volunteer Association

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